The majority of Swimming Pools still recorded pool tests on paper. This means there is little or no analysis of data to establish trends or patterns in the the chemistry of the pool water or even to highlight issues at the time of testing the water.
Managers may not see the results or might not be made aware of issues until after they have been resolved or become worse..

Created by Pool Managers
for Pool Managers

PoolWaterTS has been designed by people who understand the challenges of running a swimming pool and are passionate about helping you log and problem solve your pool test results with ease.

If you’re converting from paper sheets for the first time or switching from other methods, 
we’ll support you through your journey to a happy and healthy pool. We aim to provide a complete web based management console for pool water test results Input, Analysis and Reporting with an offline capable mobile app.

Whether your pool is:

  • Public or Private
  • Commercial or Not For Profit
  • Single Pool or Multi Pool
  • Single Site or Multi Site
We offer a comprehensive pool test management software, providing an affordable and simple-to-use software, with powerful functions.

When a pool is properly balanced it has the correct levels of pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. The water in a swimming pool is constantly changing. Everything from the type of pool activity, the pool structure and design, the number of swimmers or anything else that comes into contact with the water has an effect.
Routine measurement of water quality can help ensure a swimming pool is safe and enjoyable for swimming. This will also save time and costs associated with the maintenance of the pool.

Our product is aimed at all levels of staff, from ground level operators that complete the pool tests to management staff or pool engineers that may need to analyse the results and respond accordingly. When a test result (Such as for Chlorine or pH) is out of the normal operating range the input console will suggest a course of action to resolve the issue based on your sites specific preferences.

The site will also benefit from easy any time any place access to results data for trend analysis, general spot checks or to perform test results data exports for insurance purposes and Governing bodies, etc.

We will save time for management and ground level staff by providing viewing and analysis modules that help facilitate a safe and effective pool water system. The ability to link with PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) will be worked towards for facilitating accreditation framework verification.

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